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Mental health resources in Norway

In the event of an emergency:

  • please call 113.


If the situation is less critical:

  • please call the legevakten on 116 117 or

  • psychiatric legevakt in major towns.

Mental Helse, is a free phone service:


  • 116 123,

  • Work issues: 225 66 700

  • or chat on their website.

Rask psykisk helsehjelp, (based on the British Improved Access to Psychological Therapies):


  •  free psychological assistance, if you are above 16 years old and suffer from mild or moderate mental health issues through the Council (Kommune) you belong to.

The Norwegian church help phone:

  • (Kirkens SOS): 22 40 00 40

You can also contact your GP (Fastlegen) through the Helsenorge app and if the GP is not able to assist, ask to be referred to a psychologist or psychiatrist for treatment.

Anonyme Alkoholikere i Norge (AA) Oslo based,

  • please contact on 911 77 770 for more information on alcohol addictions.


Please note that this information is accurate at the time of publishing, but might change over time. 

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